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      China’s export of tio2 hikes in March

      Statistics from General Administration of Customs shows that China’s export of titanium dioxide (tio2) in March 2014 is 44332935kg, up 33.10% by 11024968kg comparing with February’s export of 33307967kg; and up 24.87% comparing with 35504029kg for March of 2013.
      China’s import of titanium dioxide in March 2014 is 137363222kg, down 0.25% by 34144kg comparing with February’s import of 13770466kg; and down 4.58% by 659861kg comparing with 14396183kg for March of 2013.
      Current titanium dioxide prices in mainland China are 12,000-13,500 yuan/mt for rutile and 10,000-11,000 yuan/mt for anatase, including tax.
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