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      Jobs in Jiuta

      1. Sales Manager
      Salary: basic salary + commission
      Workplace: Huishan District, Wuxi City

      Job Responsibilities
      1. Responsible for market channel development and sales of products in Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions, and execute and complete the company's product annual sales plan;
      2. According to the company's marketing strategy, expand the sales of products in the area in which they are responsible, actively complete the sales volume indicators, and expand the product market share;
      3. Maintain good communication with customers, grasp customer needs in real time, and maintain good customer relationships.

      1. College degree or above, 2-5 years of sales experience, with certain sales skills;
      2. Have a good team spirit and professionalism, able to withstand work pressure;
      3. Have a driver's license and be able to independently drive on business trips. The company has generous subsidies and has been driving for more than 3 years;
      4. Once hired, the basic salary is higher than that of sales in the same industry.

      2. New project sales
      Salary: basic salary + commission
      Work location: Huishan District, Wuxi

      Job Responsibilities
      1. Under the leadership of the project leader, be responsible for the promotion of the company's new products;
      2. After entering the job, there will be a dedicated person to guide product knowledge and sales skills training;
      3. Develop new customers and achieve sales targets;
      4. Manage and maintain customer relationships.

      1. Fresh/previous graduates with bachelor degree or above, sales experience in chemical or food industry are preferred;
      2. Quick response, strong expression ability, positive sunshine and self-challenging spirit;
      3. Have a driver's license/spoken English/e-commerce operation experience is preferred.
      Welcome outstanding recent graduates who are interested in engaging in the sales industry to deliver!

      3. Warehouse Clerk
      Salary: 4000-6000 yuan/month
      Workplace: Juye County, Heze City, Shandong Province

      Job Responsibilities
      1. Responsible for the daily management and maintenance of the warehouse;
      2. Do the inventory, accounting and distribution of goods in and out of the warehouse according to the regulations, and record the ERP data synchronously to ensure that the accounts are consistent;
      3. Perform 5s management on the warehouse regularly to keep the warehouse neat and beautiful, so that the materials are classified and discharged, stored neatly, and the quantity is accurate, and the goods must not be damaged or dirty;
      4. According to the receiving and dispatching instructions of ERP circulation, ensure that the goods are in and out of the warehouse in time;
      5. Do a good job of daily inventory and month-end inventory, and keep track of inventory status at any time;
      6. Do a good job in warehouse safety management;
      7. Assist in loading and unloading goods.

      1. A high school degree or above, with about 3 years of relevant experience as a warehouse manager, able to drive a forklift;
      2. Proficiency in computer operation;
      3. Familiar with Kingdee erp system, and be able to independently operate the system in and out of the warehouse is preferred.